Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm In Love!

When I was young like many girls I had a dressing-up box. But, there was no ordinary dressing up in the battered cardboard box. It contained my Aunties wedding gown, a beautiful satin brocade fabric with pearl buttons at the back, long slender sleeves with further pearl buttons at the cuff. If I close my eyes, I can still the smell the fabric as I lifted the lid.
It held pride of place in mum's airing cupboard and only came out as a treat. But there was a condition attached. When I'd finished playing, the wedding dress went back in the box and back in airing cupboard. I'm not sure how many times I left that beautiful gown lying on the bedroom floor, but was warned should it not be put away, it would be thrown away.
And that's how I lost my beautiful brocade wedding gown at the tender age of eight.
Today I opened my copy of Perfect Wedding to find a vintage inspired gown by Ian Stuart. A 50's sillouette in taffeta. Poetry in motion so to speak. Not quite the gown my auntie had, but classic none the less. The memories came flooding back. And the regrets of not tidying away after myself!

Cuba, by Forget-me-not designs has brought my brocade back to life, again, not quite the style but one sneaky peak at this gorgeous fabric and I can smell my aunties wedding gown. I truly hope we see more of this sumptious fabric.

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