Saturday, 11 July 2009

Dressing For Your Day.

Do you remember when Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson married? They were lucky to have their dress designers help them dress and arrange their gown moments before entering the church, making sure they looked their most beautiful.
Getting ready for your wedding day is probably the scariest due to the need for perfection. Here are a few pointers to make sure everything runs smoothly.
When having hair and make up done, wear a button-through shirt. (Dads old one is perfect) I don't know how many ladies slip on a t-shirt to then discover they have to pull it off over their head. Goodbye lovely hair do.
Don't be inclined to wear your dress while having these beauty treatments. 1. you'll be sitting around in your dress for a long time potentially creasing it. 2. Should the make-up artist dust you with a nice blusher, chances are, could dust your gown with a lovely shade of bronze too!
The problem with leaving your gown to the last is this. When putting on your wedding dress, you should step into it by placing a clean sheet on the floor, place your gown onto the sheet and then step into the opening. A bridesmaid or mum laces/buttons you up. Try fastening buttons with shaky hands. You then need to put on your hoop. You cannot put this on first as you will find it impossible to step into the gown with a crinoline hoop with a circumference bigger than the dress opening! There is an alternative. You can place the hoop under the dress and lift everything together.
This is where a professional dresser can relieve some stress. It leaves mums, attendants etc to concentrate on themselves. After all, they want to look their very best too.
So, the dresser will come to your home. She will steam your wedding gown and veil if required to make sure your outfit is crease fee. She will steam attendants, flower girls and mum's outfit to make sure they are crease free too.
She will help you into your dress, fasten it, help with the hoop and help you put on shoes. Finally, she will meet you at the church or wedding venue where she will make sure you look like you've just stepped out of a bridal magazine, ready to meet your groom.
Just like I do for my clients who request this service.
Happy wedding day!

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