Thursday, 13 May 2010

Your Ideas to the Finished Product.

At our initial meeting, most of my clients arrive armed with magazine snippets, designs and colours and most have already tried on their chosen style gown in a bridal salon to determine what works for them and what doesn't.
We'll sift through fabric swatches, decide which embellishments work (if the dress requires them) do some sketches and hopefully the client will go away with the perfect vision of what her gown will look like when complete.

We recommend the construction a cotton toile to determine the perfect fit and if the client wants to make changes to her design we can make these at this stage. We will also look at the embellishments or any decoration the gown requires.

At your second fitting we will have put scissors to your chosen dress fabric and can begin to recommend your headwear. This may be bespoke to co-ordinate with your gown exactly.

At your final fitting we may make minor adjustments again to determine the perfect fit.

As an added bonus, we can provide photographs at many stages of construction which keeps many clients in total in control of their gown.

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