Thursday, 25 June 2009

Knock-offs? I don't do those.

We all want to wear the dresses the stars wear. Whether it's an "Ian Stewart", a "Maggie Sottero" a "Vera Wang" or even a "Dior." We all want that exclusive designer look, but the price tag usually launches it right out of our reach.
A lot of my clients come to me with the same question....."can you make me this designer dress I have seen in a magazine?" I always have to answer this question the same way. I cannot and will not copy someone elses's against the law! And so I find myself immersed in the endless debate on copyright infringement.
Chances are, the client will have tried the dress to make sure it suits and attempted to take in what fabrics have been used in it's construction. But everything else gets lost in the mix as all the time they are in awe that they have found "The One."
I can source similar fabrics (I say "similar" as many of the designers have fabrics exclusively made for them and are not available to the humble dressmaker). My aim is always to present the client with an adaptation of the original style whilst retaining her own individuality and exclusivity.
I take inspiration from what a client presents to me, eager to deliver their original vision and construct a gown unique and individual to them. As yet, I am pleased to say I have never had a disappointed client. This doesn't mean they will lose the image of the dress they brought to me in the first place. But, what all clients must appreciate is even if the original pattern was available (which they are not) or knowing the shade of fabric used and where it came from (which I don't) it would be virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate the dress exactly.

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