Friday, 26 June 2009

In sickness and in health!

Working from home has its advantages. For example, flexible-working hours which means when the kids are ill, you don't have to take time off from work. You're already there! Possible productivity gains through having fewer interruptions (unless New York or Barcelona Bridal are on) and less commuting time (not counting taxi-ing kids too and from school)

But this morning I woke feeling a little under the weather and realised I've been running on empty. Therefore, I spent most of the morning talking to the white porcelain telephone while my daughter handed me tissues.
My normal working day begins around 6.45am when I check any emails which have graced my inbox, and respond to those. While my husband is at work and the children are at school I get down to sewing, which means up to my neck in tulle, lace, silk and linings. Sometimes I meet with fabric suppliers to view their latest swatches. (My favourites at this time have to be a pure silk taffeta and a super quality Thai Dupion silk.) I generally finish sewing around 4pm but swiftly move on to responding to e mails again, pricing up for potential clients and ordering fabrics or swatches by telephone. (Somewhere among all of that I try to offer advice regarding fabrics and petticoat choices for to brides to be in a wedding forum) My working day can often end around 10.30pm depending on potential client enquiries and fabric sourcing.
Saturdays are often used for meeting clients, measuring up, viewing their fabric and dress fittings.
So, illness doesn't fit into my working day and as soon as I was able, it was back to the job. I have an obligation to my clients with deadlines to meet. It isn't their fault if I am unwell and they especially don't want to hear it as an excuse. A client needs to be made to feel she has my undivided attention and is my only priority. (Even if I have another 10 clients I am working for)

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