Monday, 29 June 2009

Down on my knees!

Yes, today I am on my knees. It's not exercise (although I know I should do more) and it's not cleaning floors (which I do enough of) No, today I am squeezing in a Roman Blind for my Aunty and due to it's length, am on the floor cutting out.
I'm not a lover of curtain or soft furnishing making. You would have thought it was easier than elaborate wedding or evening dresses, which it is, but there is no passion in this kind of sewing. I love working in bridal because it has become my life. I live and breathe anything to do with weddings. (A kind of childhood fetish which is still with me 40 something years on!!)
There is nothing more delightful than when the face of a client lights up as she is presented with a gown made especially for her. To create anything which makes a woman look and feel dazzling, a perfect dress which leaves her feeling like a million dollars is an honour.
Window dressing does have its rewards, but the satisfaction just isn't the same.

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