Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dressmaking. Definately Not Like Mother Used To Do!

My fondest fashion-related childhood memory of a homemade item was a towling skirt I used to wear on the beach. It was pink and orange and the seams were finished with pinking shears because mum didn't have an electric machine with a zig-zag stitch or an overlocker. She used my grandmother's old singer which had one stitch setting. Forward! If you wanted to go backwards to reinforce the stitching, you had to turn the whole garment around and stitch again.

There was also the memory of a changing tent. Again, towling fabric cut into a rectangle (mum couldn't afford to buy patterns so many items were simply cut as she thought fit) with an elasticated top you put your head through. Great little item for keeping your modesty on the beach while changing. Even at 6 years of age!!

I would like to think the word homemade has lost it's stigma regarding sewing. Homemade evokes images of Martha Stewart marmalade, patchwork quilts and childrens summer dresses , whereas the notion of a homemade wedding dress sounds better if worded bespoke. (Plus, I can quickly lose the image of the changing tent!) I work from home for two reasons. I am on hand for the family (having the luxury of a husband with a good job helps) and the expense. I did try working in a studio once but rising costs crept into quotes and that isn't how I like to work.

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  1. I love the dresses! And the fact that you both match, too cute! :) I too work from home to be with my kids, as working outside the home (provided I could even find a job right now) would mostly cover the cost of having someone else raise my toddler their way and not mine. I love the quality, love, and care that go into handmade pieces. It seems these days there is a lot less of that than of yesteryear. Hopefully that will change.