Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Posh Frocks and Charity Dinners.

My husband and I (and now I sound like the Queen) have been invited to a charity dinner. The "do" is to raise money for a new sports hall at a local school. The current economic climate affecting many of my clients doesn't mean we can't look a million without having to spend it, so it has given me the excuse to make myself (something I rarely have time for) a very posh frock.

Having only been told of the event last Thursday, it was a quick dash to my local silk house to find a colour fabric I had fallen in love with, order the pattern and start sewing. So far, the dress looks lovely on Davina. Davina is my dressmaker's dummy. I have no idea why she has a name; my last one was called Selina, thought up by mum. Selina was banished from the landing to the back room at one point as she would scare the bejesus out of mum en route to the loo in the early hours of the morning. (Mum, not the dummy)
So far, as I said, the dress looks wonderful. I have added some length to it as the original (Vogue, don't you just love it blog entry) is short and I felt that a long gown would be more appropriate. With the event only two days away, I still have the zip, lining and hemline to work on, but all being well, should be finished in time for the event.

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