Friday, 3 July 2009

Not Quite Claridges.

Thursday evening saw the event of my very posh do. It wasn't quite Claridges, in fact it was a small golf club on the outskirts of Leeds.

I got to wear my completed posh frock and feeling a little over dressed, (even though I had been told the dress code was evening wear) my wonderful husband assured me I looked beautiful and he was going to be proud having me on his arm.
So, we arrived at the club on the warm evening and I watched several ladies emerging from cars in, yes you guessed it, linen trousers teamed with casual blouses and light summer dresses. There wasn't a hint of an evening gown in sight. Except me.
The evening was lovely, however I spent most of it seated at the table not wanting to wander among the linen trousers and casual blouses and light summer dresses, preferring to remain inconspicuous at the table.
It's funny how interpretations of evening wear are different.

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  1. My hubby received a compliment on my behalf today. The host of the events daughter said she thought I looked fantastic. She actually wished she'd worn something a bit more glam. So, I left an impression afterall!