Saturday, 4 July 2009

When The Good Goes Bad.

The above image is of an offshore produced wedding dress that is in dire need of attention. (This is before the happy event has taken place) With my dressmakers hat on, the modesty panel is oversized, the boning is inadequate and the loops are to big for the lacing. I hazard a guess that the fabric isn't much to write home about either.
A friend of mine bought her dress offshore via ebay. She isn't a dressmaker. She was excited to say the least and after mailing me the picture I can't say I didn't blame her. The dress looked beautiful. Not long after it's arrival and a short time later, she informed me she'd bought another one. Whilst passing a bridal shop, her husband-to-be saw a gown and suggested she try it on. She did and fell in love with it.
Now, why 2 dresses you may ask?
She told me, although ebay some times have some very pretty pictures the end product was shoddy. "Take the black victorian wedding dress i ordered from Loughborough (?) or Macau as its otherwise hems just overlocking, all sequins and embrodiery loose and flowers that disintergrated on contact, the fabric was also of very low quality like lining wasnt cheap either, but i guess you gets what ya pays for. i chucked it in the bin. I got a full refund though but they didnt want it back..."

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  1. I have dusters that were stitched better than the Black Dress!! xx