Monday, 6 July 2009

Melancholy Moments.

Today I am feeling a little sad. Silly really as there is no need. Business is great and I have my health.

A short while ago, I was approached by a lady in Scotland who asked if I would make her wedding gown. I sent her samples and in return she sent me her measurement form. With many brides now opting for overseas companies to make their gowns on a custom make basis, I have to thank her for placing her trust in me.

Choosing a good dressmaker takes skill. There’s more involved than running a finger through the phone directory, choosing a name, and calling to ask, “How much does it cost to have my Dream Gown made?” That’s like asking someone “How long is string?” So to have someone request I make their gown after never meeting is an especially huge honour.

So, the reason I am sad is because when I work with a client they become more than a name or a face, their dress is something I have worked on with love and attention to detail and then when it's finished, it's gone. Sometimes it's like losing a good friend. Silly really, but there it is.

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