Monday, 17 May 2010

Lovely, Pretty things.

The power of the internet is amazing and quite often little gems turn up just when you least expect them.
I had a lovely little message in my inbox recently. "Found your website and I love your wedding gowns - would it be ok with you if I placed a link on my FB page to your site? Let me know"
Heck yes, of course it would. So, a little while later (and I mean a little while later as I was in total awe of this website) we got chatting.
Now, Jane of HF Couture is an accessory designer who has worked with Emmerdale, various celebs won Yorkshire Brides tiara designer of the year award and that's just for starters.
Well of course I felt a blog coming on so asked Jane if she would pass over some info. Here's what she told me.
" I started making jewelled head gear about 8 years ago - husband thought people might part with cash for my designs so started exhibiting at Yorkshire Brides and it all took off from there. Completed a millinery course 3 years ago so now I can make hats from scratch! I'm self taught although I have studied Art and love fashion and jewellery history - my main inspirations are Miriam Haskell and Dior and the periods of fashion I love are the late Edwardian era right through to the 1960s (the 70s it all went pear shaped lol!)"
Yes, somewhere in there it did kind of go a bit wierd, or was that the New Romantics era?
"I won the tiara designer of the Year Award through Yorkshire Brides in 2007, judged by some of the top names in fashion and textiles. I have designed and created pieces for Emmerdale regularly and one of my regular clients is Phillipa Gregory the author. I'm branching out now (yikes) and hoping to have a twice yearly collection as well as my unique designs which are currently on the website. Its daunting giving up a full time job to do this but I love it so much I just hope lots of other people do too!"
Well, of course I do. I LOVE your stuff. There are indeed some wonderful gems in Yorkshire and Jane of H F Couture is defo among one of those gems. Her vintage designs are to die for. I just need an occasion. Pleeeease!!!
Anyway, don't just take my word for it. Check it out.
You can find HF Couture here or her Facebook page here.
You rock Jane!!

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  1. OMG!!! Thank you - blushing like a mad thing! Thats one of the loveliest things anyone has ever said Linda. thank you again you are a star! O fellow Giddy Kipper! lol