Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Little Black Dress.

Or more importantly, how to keep it all in without the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, in other words, giving the photographer an eyeful on your wedding day!

The current strapless theme is still setting the trend for many occasion dresses and without some good internal scaffolding, you could quite easily spend more of your day pulling at the top of your dress to keep your boobs covered than actually enjoying the day or event. As in this little snap of Sarah Jessica Parker shown here.
Most of my clients who have opted for strapless are given the benefit of a small but very effective piece of couture; an internal corselette.

I've just finished this little black dress for a client complete with the coselette. It's fastened at the back by a series of hooks and eyes and then an invisible zip glides straight over the top. The great thing about this is even if the dress is fitted as in this case, the corselette reduces strain on the seams of the finished dress.

The finished corselette is attached only at the top edge of the gown.

The hook and eye fastening beneath the zip closure.

As you can see, the corselette is completely invisible from the outside of the dress maintaining the clean line of the sillouette.

Another great advantage is the corselette reduces the need for a strapless bra. I mean, how many times have you found those little beauties at your waist rather than doing the job intended? One sharp intake of breath and everything heads south.
So on that note I'm off to sew some internal waist stays (like an internal belt) into a strapless prom gown with a very full and heavy skirt. (Shop purchased I hasten to add.) I simply wouldn't want the SJP incident happening on a prom night!!


  1. wow thi is beautiful everyone one loves dresses. I wish i have the figure to wear something like this lol.
    Love the dresses on your blog, Iam based uo in the north east please pop over check out my blog
    ema x

  2. Thanks, Ema. I have some absolutely gorgous projects ongoing for clients at this time. Hopefully when things quieten I can add 1 or 2 little beauties of my own to my boutique.

  3. can you come and sew corslettes into all my dresses?! Please!!
    Jen =)