Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mum's The Word!

Whether it’s mother of the bride, or mother of the groom it’s just as important to have the perfect outfit. After all, it’s the wedding of their beloved daughter or beloved son, so choosing the right outfit can be a dilemma as both mums’ will want to look their best on this very special day.
Mrs Wilkinson found me via her local directory and was very clear on the type of outfit she wanted for her daughter's September 2009 wedding.
The style was to be taken from two separate outfits she had in her wardrobe. A favourite dress she felt comfortable wearing and which suited her slender figure and a Jacket (part of a 2-piece) Mrs Wilkinson had purchased for a prior event.

Mrs Wilkinson's choice of fabric was a sumptuous 100% silk doupion in Alpine (the eventual choice from several shades I ordered in for her) from Bennett Silks. The dress was a basic shift cut just below the knee for the client's comfort.
The jacket had a gathered collar which finished into a rose effect arranged on the right side. The doupion was easily manipulated; true silk has that sumptuous, crumply feeling which just cannot be replicated in the lower priced synthetic versions.

Photograph by Michael Hinchcliffe.
The jacket was designed to enable the wearer two cuff options. A simple split cuff or the ability to turn it back bringing the sleeve finish to mid-forearm.
Mrs Wilkinson completed her ensemble with a fascinator style hat, matching shoes and handbag.
Elegant and classic, Carol. A pleasure to work for you.

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