Tuesday, 16 February 2010

When Dithering Disappoints Pt. 2

Today I have had to do the unthinkable. I've turned away a client.
Last year I worked for a lady who was 1 of 5 bridesmaids when her sister married. They were a lovely party with the wedding just before Christmas 2009.
The client is due to be married August 2010 and we did talk briefly regarding her requirements for her own wedding just before her sister married.
After the wonderful mention I received in Perfect Wedding February 2010, I was inundated with enquiries. As a courtesy in early January, I did contact all potential clients I had spoken with, with the option to book their slot, alongside the warning that my diary was filling up fast (with ladies coming from as far away as Co. Durham and even extending this warning to my aunties!) and would hate to have to disappoint. But, two weeks ago, after no response from a few ladies, I had to close my diary for weddings pre October 2010.
Last night I opened my e mail to find an apology for not contacting me sooner and a request for a meeting to discuss requirements. I have had to respond with bad news and inform her that I did try contacting her a few times and because I had no response my diary was closed. I quite simply could not accomodate her any longer.
It's not something I enjoy, but would encourage anyone to consider booking their dressmaker and offer their commitment once they have found her.

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