Thursday, 29 July 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica!

I believe everyone should have at least 1 very posh frock in their wardrobe (ok, my very lucky daughter has 3) and
it's not just daughters who request posh frocks, sons request them for their girlfriends too and this is what my son asked me to make for his girlfriend, Jessica's 20th birthday.

Jess had an idea of what she liked so construction was a half kept secret. However, I needed to measure her for the internal corset and like most of the dresses I make, the dress would be built around it.

Jess chose her preferred colour, a gorgeous nude pink silk with a black lace overlay.

The design of the under dress was fully lined and strapless. The inner corselette was attached at the bodice top. The lace dress was joined to the dress at the zip with a few stitches to secure at the under arm.

Jess was fitted again for the corselette and strapless dress, but she wouldn't know how her dress was going to look until her birthday morning.

The lace dress was cut avoiding seams running through the front.

And again at the back.

With killer heels to add to the ensemble, she looked a million!

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