Friday, 30 July 2010

Figure Envy.

Yes, i'm sure we all have it, but at Dresses at No. 9. it's banned!
With many ladies an average dress size 14 or above I don't like the phrase, 'Plus Size.' I prefer voluptious and I've seen and worked with figures of all shapes and sizes. But, the most important part of my work is to make sure each and every client looks a million and feels it too.
I cater for the whole bridal party from the bride herself through to bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom, the little people and even uncle Ted from...well, whever uncle Ted is from and
my job is to make sure each and every client feels comfortable and confident in their chosen attaire.
Understandably, everyone will be looking at the bride on her very special day, but the bridesmaids will want to look equally as stunning as all eyes will be on them too.
As the word 'wedding' is muttered this could be the time to get fit, tone up and shed a little weight, but take heed.
Never walk into a bridal salon and chose a gown which "will fit me by the time I get married. I plan to diet."
I've seen this happen so many times, the weight isn't lost and the client is left with a gown which won't fit right or look right.
When I am comissioned by a client, I take the measurments at her current size. We talk about weight loss plans, but I will measure at a brides current weight/size. Weight can fluctuate, sometimes from a curvy size 14 to a wobbly size 16 depending on the time of the month or the number of take-aways consumed that week.
The important thing is not to crucify yourself over your weight or the fact you haven't lost any. There really isn't any point in shoe-horning yourself into a gown that is really too small resulting in double boob syndrome or the dreaded back bulge.
Together we will navigate our way through different dress styles and choose what works for you. If a diet plan is in place you will have several fittings to enable the most perfect fit on your wedding day.
Big and beautiful has never been more vogue, so love the skin you're in!


  1. i love the term...Botticelli chick :D
    Laura xxx

  2. Fabulous term. I love that too!!

  3. Linda, I love you! I cannot wait to meet you for my first dress fitting, you are just BRILLIANT! xAT