Thursday, 5 August 2010

That Friday Feeling!

And yes I have it!
First off, I would like to say, many, many congratulations to Becky and Bryn today. I cannot believe how fast your day has come around. It's been a sheer delight making this awesome bespoke gown for Becky and I know i've made a few, but this is my idea of total princessism (if that is even a word!)
So, I'm going to save the best for last on this occasion, the creme de la creme so to speak.

I'm not going to delve into the details of how our paths crossed, but they did and I believe Becky and I have forged a friendship and as many of my clients, today will not be the end, simply the beginning.
So' as Julie Andrews once said. "Let's start at the very beginning." It seems a pretty good place to start.

Becky commisioned me to make this awesome wedding gown, and it has to be said that it really is awesome, not because it was me who made it, but because of the fabulous challenge it presented me with. The lace, the silk, the draping of fabric, my dressmakers dream!

Becky chose a wonderful, sumptious purple taffeta for her adult bridesmaid. I emailed pictures across for her approval and Becky finally decided on a style.
Ok, so now at this point I need to mention Becky and her bridal party live in Stoke-on-Trent, a mere 2 hour drive away from me so most of our contact was done via e mail.

So, we have one adult with a slender silloutte and lace-up closure and two (Becky's daughters) lovely flower girl dresses with pick-up point detail to the skirt.

The front bow detail worked perfectly (not with the smaller silk gown as concerns were raised that the bow just may be 'fiddled with' if it were tied to the front.

Purple shot taffeta for the adult bridesmaid and becky's older daughter.

White 100% silk dupion gown for becky's daughter.

Bodice detail

Front view

Back view

So, now on to the Pièce de résistance, or for you non Frenck folk, the best bit, Becky's bespoke gown.

Made from 100% white silk dupion, the corseted bodice was hand pleated and then finished with a fabulous beaded lace motif ( every motif was cut and hand stitched to the bodice).
Each clear seqin sparkled as it caught the light.

The gown had a full built in petticoat finished with a soft lace edge.

The detail at the skirt waist and hip area were hand draped and then stitched for an even look.

And the back was a lace up style with a hand bustled skirt finished with beaded and sequin motifs.

I simply cannot wait to see the whole ensamble and official photo's winging their way.

It's been an absolute pleasure, becky. You made my dream come true by allowing me to make this fantastic gown for you.


  1. im speechless! that is truly stunning!
    laura xxx

  2. WOW FANTASTIC your amazing and inspiring. You have helped me on the sewing forum, (sarahjlg).

  3. Linda. I have to thank you very much for making my wife and bridesmaids look absolutely stunning.
    We have had nothing but wonderful comments about our dresses and even thou you made the bridal gown, the bridal gown certainly made the wedding. She looked beautiful. Many thanks again.
    Bryn Pickett, (Very lucky Groom)

  4. A total pleasure, Bryn. Your comment brought a tear to my eye. Thank you