Sunday, 8 August 2010

I Love it When...

...I receive pictures from my brides. I appreciate them thinking of me and regard it as an extention of wanting to share each moment of their day with me. So to Bryn and Becky, thank you for these. The comments I have received have been amazing, and clients who have yet to have their gowns started, are giddy with excitement.

As I am now well established into my second year and having had the opportunity of making some truly awesome gowns, I need to clear up a few minor bug bears I have, and offer a little something back. (afterall, I wouldn't be celebrating if it wasn't for all of you!) I want to wipe away once and for all the stigma that home dressmaking is still something mum did in the 60's using the old curtains from the spare room to make the ultimate holiday frock. (yes, I hear ya baby!)
To shout out loud that bespoke isn't (no really it isn't) the dream, blow-the-budget option. A client once told me she nearly fell off her chair when she received her quote. "I really wasn't going to bother asking," she said. "I can't believe my dream gown is well within my budget. I'll have three!!" Oh yes, she really is having three!!
So, how am I going to share my success with you? Well, hold on to your hats ladies, I'm offering an awesome experience.
Tomorow, I am launching my first ever competition (so be gentle with me ladies)
Dresses at No. 9 (me) have teamed up with HF Couture, Xposure Photography and Simply Wedding Dresses, to offer one lucky bride the opportunity in having a bespoke wedding gown to the value of £1,000, bespoke tiara or choice of accessory to the value of £100 and a Model or For Your Eyes Only photo shoot complete with slideshow image DVD to the value of £300.
Runner up will receive a gift certificate to the value of £75.00 to spend towards a bridesmaid gown from the vast collection of dresses at Simply Wedding Dresses, Bingley.
So, what have you got to do to win this prize?
Log on to the website tomorrow. You'll find everything you need to know

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