Monday, 28 February 2011

West Yorkshire Vintage Style Wedding Gown Collection Has Arrived.

During the 1950’s influences including film, television and music created a new market when teenagers became an emerging fashion voice. 1950s glamour had suddenly arrived. The era can be remembered for two fashion silhouettes; the full skirt and the pencil slim. Both styles placed great emphasis on the narrowness of the waist and we have taken this as our inspiration for our new 2011 Spring/Summer Vintage Collection.

We are delighted to have been featured on one of the most popular wedding blogs


There really is no 'I' in team and this really has to be said on this occasion. I'd like to dedicate this post to all those lovely people involved. Here's to you!!


Ingrow train station and the Vintage carriages trust were the settings for the photo shoot which took place on Sunday 20th February 2011, to launch our very first Vintage style Collection.

The day began with the arrival of Donna Judson, hairstylist, and Leanne ‘Annie’ Anderson, makeup artist, at 8.30am sharp. We met photographer, Rob Booker on location at 1pm who immediately briefed us on the various shots he wanted to capture.


Along with florist, Sarah Richardson of Leafy Couture and hat/headdress maker extraordinaire Jane of HF Couture, the whole look gelled together instantly. We really could not have achieved it without any one of them.

We'd also invited local photographers Graham Warsap and Martin Beaumont along. Graham said. "So we went hoping to meet a few people that are involved with the wedding industry. I had not bargained for how much talent you could get in one place. The work that had gone into the shoot was stunning."


Between Saturday and Monday West Yorkshire had experienced snow and our models sat and stood bare armed in the cold for four hours. There was the brief warmth of fleece dressing gowns and hot chocolate. However, not one of our models mentioned the cold, their hunger or how tired they were feeling. Hats off to our models!

So, really, in no particular order.

Flowers by Leafy Couture. Photography Graham Warsap.

Flowers Leafy Couture, Photography Graham Warsap.
Flowers Leafy Couture, Photography Graham Warsap.
Flowers Leafy Couture, Photography Graham Warsap.
Gown, Sophia, Dresses at No 9

Head piece, Clara. HF Couture.

Photography Graham Warsap.
Gown, Esther Dresses at No9

Headpiece DragonFly Dream HF Couture

Photography Graham Warsap.

Gown Vivian Dresses at No9

Birdcage veil HF Couture

Photography Graham Warsap.

Picture hat, Audrey. HF Couture

Photography Graham Warsap.

Photography Martin Beaumont

Photography Rob Booker

Below you will find the final images of the day. The whole look was captured perfectly by Rob Booker. I've adopted him as our official photographer!

Esther, Vivian, Sophia.

Model wears Pearcher hat, Ellie

And finally, just for fun.
This day could not have been complete without the professional talents of Photography Rob Booker Accessories Jane Florist Hairstylist Donna Judson Makeup Leanne ‘Annie’ Anderson Location And of course us Dresses at No. 9 We would also like to thank our models and special thanks to Trevor, chairman at Vintage Carriages Trust for his hospitality.

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