Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blowing My Own Trumpet!

I had a few days off recently visiting family in the South and while casually strolling around Asda, I received an e mail from a client. (The wonders of the Blackberry) "I was flicking through a wedding magazine in Tescos yesterday and couldn't help but notice you were mentioned! Something that happens frequently looking at your website!"
So, I rushed over to magazines, picked up Perfect Wedding and on page 106 was my client from last year, Helene.
The article was 'How brides find their perfect wedding gown,' and Helene gave a lovely interview about how she found hers. She'd told me before how she'd felt like a star walking into the chapel, but it was so lovely to see those words in print.
Emma case Photography

Emma Case Photography

So with the recent launch of our very first 2011 collection, comes a heap of comments from folk who I've never had contact with. Folk who are loving our designs so much so I've had several enquiries already with one asking if I can ship to Pheonix Arizona!

So, for a few moments I'm going to share with you some lovely things which have been said.

"These dresses are gorgeous and I love the photos. I can imagine brides snapping these dresses up."

"Swooooon! Absolutely gorgeous dresses and stunning photography."

"I have officially fallen in love with all of these dresses, so beautiful!"

"50s was my era of choice for my wedding dress as i love the glamour of that era, especially the full skirt with netting. These are lovely dresses and so refreshong to see dresses with sleeves and not just strapless."

"These are all delicious! And I am super happy to see these modelled by some very sexy hot ladies with womanly curves! Hooray!"

"What a stunning collection, love that style of photography too, a little different from the more common vintage style, even though I love that too!"

Of course, you have to click this linky to see the images of our fabulous frocks. (Their words not mine!)

You guys are making my dreams come true and I cannot thank you enough for that.
Another collection later in the year? Heck yes!!

Emma Case
Love My Dress

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