Sunday, 6 March 2011

Real Vintage Weddings.

I'm not exactly sure what it is that has captivated me so much about the vintage era. Maybe it's the make-do-and-mend philosophy and the fact folk had so little then, they actually appreciated what they had.

I adore this picture of my auntie Val and Uncle Alan.
They were married in the early 40's and I love the bouquet of roses, but especially the hat and that smile!

My uncle Ron married Edna in the 50's. Her circle skirt had just enough petticoat to give her lace gown some shape. I love the little collar.
My grandparents are to the left of my uncle.

Ah. Uncle Alan and auntie Shirley. She wore this beautiful full length brocade gown one of my favourite fabrics I would adore to see more of.
Again, a small collar and full sleeve.
Bouquet of roses and lilly of the valley.

I'm not sure what fabric my auntie Eileen was wearing when she married my uncle Don. But again, an extravagent bouquet of roses and stephanotis.

I believe the groom in this photo is the brother of my grandfather. The bride carries a gorgeous spray of lilies. It amazed me to see the bridesmaids bouquets were almost as big and elaborate.

These images have Moonlight Serenade playing in my head.
All of these women in these images have outlived their husbands, but it really was 'till death do us part!


  1. I love old vintage wedding photographs! Partly from a historic photography side, certainly when you look at those you realise how little has changed, even where the technology has! But like you say, its that make-do-and-mend philosophy, plus around the time of your Auntie Val and uncle Alan getting married around (during?) the war.... despite rationing, how they still managed, and people didn't let war get in the way of love. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah, I love vintage wedding photos too - just lovely. And I really feel warmed by the make-do-and-mend philosphy too. Just the other week, my nan was telling me that she didn't have her own wedding dress, she borrowed one from a friend - it really makes you stop and realise what it is that's really important about a wedding.