Saturday, 2 April 2011

Deadlines, Deadlines and Why You Never Need To Panic!

I was having a conversation yesterday with the lovely Tiararama and she was telling me about a headpiece she had ordered when she got married. (Before she set up her own company!) Basically, she hadn't liked what they produced, asked for it to be changed, heard all sorts of excuses why it hadn't arrived and then on collection discovered nothing had been done!

I HATE it when that happens.

A few weeks ago, my daughter produced a picture. "Can I have this for my birthday dress please mum?"

Sourcing the pleated chiffon proved fruitless and as I am a BIG believer in not reproducing or copying a design, needed to produce something similar but different. I want my daughter to have something original too. However, we wanted to keep the colour so managed to order in a fabulous blue shot bronze chiffon. Super!

Instead of the pleat, we added substantial gathers to the center front panel leaving the rest of the skirt smooth. The bodice comprised of gathers with a center front knot and crossover detail.

With a full week ahead and busy day on Saturday, I began work on Monday.

My daughter knows when dressmaking is concerned, my clients are God! There are undoubtedly and absolutely no one above them. EVER!

The chiffon was 'nasty' to work with and Thursday and Friday evening I was still working on the said frock. I hate being under pressure, enjoying what you are working on makes the job, well, more enjoyable and stress levels can be high. A little like mine this week!

However, said frock is finished.

So, when I have a deadline of weeks, days or even hours, whatever challenge I have been set, I meet them.

My daughter looks amazing in her party dress, even if I wanted to tear my hair out at 9.30pm last night!

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