Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Studio, New Title.

We've hit 2011 with our feet running and we still haven't caught our breath. We've outgrown our back room and with the volume of traffic coming to our home, it was time for bigger space, much bigger space.

We constantly research new techniques to make sure your wedding gown or occasion wear is everything you dreamed it would be. Your wedding gown will never be simply a wedding dress. It will be the most significant gown you are ever likely to wear. The skill in designing and hand crafting a gown takes many years of experience. It means knowing your market, knowing what a client wants and guiding her when we feel her ideas may not exactly suit.

We aim to provide our clients with exclusivity. We don't stock reams of gowns, eventhough we do have a few pieces from our current collection to try. Each dress is designed to suit which means each and every one of our clients is treated as an individual. Our client's gown is designed to suit them. We don't have a style to suit a client.

And, the great thing is, our clients have a bespoke gown at off the peg prices, sometimes less!

Today I signed a contract with our new studio. We aren't moving far, but it is a rather special place to begin our new venture.

Dalton Mills was originally a woollen mill, built from 1866 onwards. It was used as the backdrop for the BBC drama, North and South. The 6th photograph, used as part of the Thornton's house, is where I signed our contract today.

reception area

Proposed fitting rooms and work area

Proposed consultation area

To say I am delighted would be an understatement.

So, along with all of this comes a new name.

No 9, Bridal Couture.

No 9 bridal Couture, The Clock Tower, Dalton Mill will be available for call in appointments alongside the appointment basis, predominantly for clients who require fittings.

We shall be stocking some super accessories from nationwide suppliers and those more intimately local. Our aim is to support local Yorkshire businesses just like us, to enable our clients to retain their individuality, elegance and style.

We are delighted to welcome HF Couture and Tiararama to the studio along with Elizabeth Wells Lingerie.

Exciting things are happening for us here at No. 9 (something we have under our hats at the moment, and I know you just hate secrets) and we cannot wait to embrace each day along with each new client.

As always, we look forward to being of service and welcome old, existing and new brides, maids and mums to our launch, a date to be confirmed.

We are commited to you. We have been and always will be.


  1. Wishing you huge success your designs are fabulous and I am sure you will quickly fill all this wonderful space. I can't wait to see what the future holds for No.9 Bridal Couture.

  2. Oooh Linda it looks AMAZING! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait for my first fitting which will be at your studio! Congratulations! xx

  3. It is wonderful to see you growing in such an amazing way. Your studio will be just as amazing as your creations. I just know that a visit to you will be a totally memorable experience. I can't wait. Fantastic.

  4. Congratulations, Linda and Leanne! So so pleased for you! Can't wait to see the studio. xxxAnna

  5. Great news Linda - Cannot wait to see the Studio. Exciting stuff :-D

    Zoe x

  6. This is so exciting! I wondered why you'd gone quiet on MSE!

    Gleeful from MSE Forums