Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weekends off? What Is This Concept Of Which You Speak?

Since moving to the studio a few weeks ago, it has been full steam ahead for No 9 Bridal Couture.

There really hasn't been a spare moment to fully appreciate our new surroundings, which has to be a good thing right?

Separating the job from the home life has had a huge impact, with the ability to offer earlier weekend appointments alongside later weekdays without the involvement of the husband or the family. Again, a good thing!

Productivity has increased ten fold. Less distractions at home mean more work produced at the studio which in turn has returned me to working on my own.

It seems regular features in magazines are keeping the enquiries rolling in along with constant contacts with people in the industry wanting to work with me. I love that!

Deadlines this month, or should I say week, are a full wedding outfit with an alternative edge. A client was sent our way who had arranged her wedding in a matter of weeks. Her idea of what she wanted to wear simply wasn't out there. So, we took the challenge with a deadline of July 16th, just under a week's time.

We also have a fantastic opportunity of making an outfit for a guest who is attending the wedding of Zara Phillips at the end of the month in Edinburgh. As with many celebrity weddings, it is possible the wedding will feature in one of the major magazines such as Hello or Ok. I've instructed our client to make sure she stands very close to the future Mrs Tindall (Zara is marrying rugby player Mike Tindall) to enable the photographer to get a great shot of our dress we are making for her. We've had a chuckle about this!

Something also exciting for us later this year is the fantastic opportunity to supply a wedding gown for a photography workshop in Tuscany run by Damien Lovegrove.

Mr Lovegrove is considered by many to be among the top wedding photographers in the world.

Our name was forwarded to Chris Hanley who works alongside Damien, by the lovely Cat Hepple and we are designing the gown to encompass many of the elements Italy has to offer.

Something I am also super excited about is the Love My Dress soiree in August this year. The theme is vintage glam and this is so up my street. I am making three gowns, one for myself and the others for two very lovely ladies, Cat Hepple, Cat Hepple Photography and Kelly Clapperton, Paul Joseph Photography. It's going to be an amazing evening with the opportunity to meet some super amazing industry people. Of course, meeting the lovely Annabel, the hostess with the mostess is top of my list. Annabel has recently been responsible for our amazing feature in Vintage Life magazine this month.

We hope to hold our first catwalk event towards Christmas and showcase some new bridal designs we are working on.

So, with all this in mind it really is full on at the studio and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

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