Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Rendevouz Hotel Skipton, wedding fair.

Its been another one of those super busy weeks where I'd been hoping it was still Monday when in fact it was friday.

Tuesday saw an amazing experience for No 9 to work alongside the superb talents of my Yorkshire Dream Team, HF Couture, Leafy Couture and Just Darling cakes and a new addition to that team, pheomenal photographer James Melia.

Today we exhibited at our first wedding fair at Skipton Rendevouz Hotel where we happened to be the only bridal wear consession in attendance. All good for us however.

We were approached by photographers who wanted to set up shoots with us and local mens hire who wanted to have our frocks in their windows. Yes please!

However, it seemed to be our presentation that impressed fellow folk in the industry alongside brides-to-be, where at peak times, were queuing up to chat with us.

This week we employed the services of a design team (thank you Danny) situated in the studio on our floor of the Clock Tower to design our handouts and banner. So it only seems fitting to say a massive thank you to the amazing photographers who contributed to our handout and banner Rob Booker and James Melia.

Brides to be loved the accessories we brought along by HF Couture and Tiararama, both whom we stock in our studio.

They also loved the floral arrangement put together especially for the day by Leafy Couture.

However, the most memorable moment for me was when chatting to a bride to be who looked totally resentful about being at the fair with her mum. She hadn't exactly received the best of treatments in bridal salons she told us and as we chatted with her and passed on our 'Dream Team' contact details after our protfolio seemed to thoroughly engage her, she raised her hand in the air and 'high fived' me. In that single moment she looked like for the first time she could look forward to planning her wedding, that we could make her look amazing, but more important we would make her feel amazing.

That's why I love my job.

Of course the day was about promoting us, but it couldn't have looked more professional without the talents of (in no particular order)

Rob Booker

James Melia

HF Couture


Leafy Couture

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