Monday, 7 September 2009

Is Wedding Gown Shopping a Challenge?

According to a question I asked in a bridal forum recently, wedding gown shopping appears to be more of a challenge than an enjoyable experience.

One member said. "I explained in the shops exactly what I didn't want (i.e. frills, lace .sparkly bits and strapless design.) This fairly limits your choices."

Another commented."My daughter wanted proper straps, shoulders or sleeves, so that narrowed her choice dramatically - one shop had nothing whatsoever except strapless!"

And many went on to agree."Some of the shops offered little shoestring straps to add to the strapless dresses...but that seems such a cheap afterthought for a gown that would cost several hundred pounds.Would be great if designers started to offer a bit of choice! We went into one shop where every dress was a variation on a theme, strapless, pleated, crystals. I'm talking wall to wall! We came out feeling very frustrated."
So, are brides requirements really being met?
To answer the question, unless you have something custom made, you are in the hands of the designer. When one introduces a new style, the others follow suit so if pleats and gathers aint your thing, you're kind of stuck, especially when the retailer is the person who has chosen to stock the dresses wall to wall.
I still prefer the traditional gowns, Hollywood Dreams being one of my absolute favourites. But, it would be lovely to see a little more choice regarding straps, less pleating and and definately lighten up on the bling!

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