Thursday, 17 September 2009

Top tips from a Mrs to a Miss.

After spending the last year planning her wedding and receiving advice including choosing relevent readings in Church to Chinese Wish Lanterns, one of the regular posters in the forum delighted us today with her wonderful wedding photographs and top tips for all brides to be.

"If you can book more than two days off work before the wedding, then do so," she said. "I had the Thursday and Friday off which I thought would be enough time - but I didn't stop on those two days, and wished I had booked at least three."
Have a friend or two with you the night before. My friends were a complete Godsend. They helped with all the little things like tidying up, airing my dress etc, so that I didn't have to stress about those.
If you have a camcorder - allocate a friend to use that informally during the day. I did this and have some wonderful footage that I could take on honeymoon to relive the day until the official DVD came in.
If you're umming and ahhing about an official DVD - get it!!! I always wanted one, but my husband-to-be was adamant it was a waste of money. Anyway, we hardly noticed the videographer on the day, and we both love the DVD that came last week. Even my husband now admits it was a good idea as we can watch whenever we want.

My bouquet was gorgeous! I wanted to follow in tradition and throw it, but I didn't want to ruin mine because I wanted to keep it. So we made up a fake bouquet from the flowers and trimmings that were left over and wrapped it with ribbon. This allowed me to throw it, and not care if it got all battered (which it did after the scuffle), all the while keeping my gorgeous one.
Take some time out on the day. From the moment we walked out of the church it was manic. On the way to the venue, our driver detoured and took us to the pub. Whilst I didn't get out of the car (My dear husband brought drinks to me), it was a good way to celebrate our marriage just the two of us! This was the only time of the day we had to ourselves.
And finally...
Most of all ENJOY THE DAY!!!!!!!! Don't stress about little things - I know everyone says it - but it really doesn't matter. Your friends and family are there because they love you - not to comment on what colour the tablecloths are!

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