Friday, 4 June 2010

Pretty Maids All in a Row.

I am frequently asked to make gowns for bridesmaids due to different sizes, different body shapes or unavaliblity of a desired style or colour.
I should be a great honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid afterall, you'll get your hair done, make-up applied and the opportunity to wear an amazing hope!
If any bride thought choosing her wedding gown was a task in itself, wait until she has to choose the bridesmaids dresses.
Today I had a fitting which was no exception to the rule. Different sizes, hair colourings and age range. But the moment each stepped into their gowns, their smiles filled the room. At that moment, I was a very proud and happy lady.
My client in question had considered every detail when choosing her bridesmaids gowns. Colour was a factor as one has the most beautiful red hair and if you are a red-head, not all colours are kind! With age range another factor, it was important to have something elegant while sassy without making the older ladies feel over exposed or the younger feeling like Auntie Mable!
Compromise is the key to make sure everyone has radient smiles on your wedding day. Get together for a girls night in with a few bottles of bubbly, some bridal mags and if you can, send out for some colour samples, a Dulux shade card can work just as well!
As you walk up the aisle let your wedding guests say. "There goes the bride, now here come the bridesmaids!!

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