Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Where's My Perch?

I was chatting with a client today about internal corsetry, fishtail wedding gowns and how the heck you sit down in one without feeling like you're doing some internal damage or rigamortis has set in!
As many ladies are opting for wedding gowns which incorporate a built in corset to slim the figure conforming it to a more pleasing silhoutte, the answer is 'To Perch' lady-like in a demure fashion on the edge of your chair
During the Victorian era and due to the constricting tendencies of their corsets, society ladies who took small walks or even climbed the stairs would often feel faint. The corsets put substantial strain to the wearers mid section resulting in blood flow restriction so special rooms called 'Fainting Rooms' were introduced.

Here, ladies could rest or recline on fainting couches without causing themselves bodily harm if or when they keeled over. The couches could have looked similar to a 'Chaise Longue', an arm on one side to enable the 'fainter' easy access to a reclining position. Sometimes a fainting couch would be placed at the top of each set of stairs the women used.
So, if you don't have a chaise longue to hand when you need to sit down, remember your wedding gown is a theatrical work of art which needs to be treated accordingly. Move elegantly and slowly, take care when adopting the seated position and manouver slowly. Your wedding breakfast may cause concern, but if you have a lace-up closure ask one of your maids to loosen the ties a little while seated until you feel comfortable. You can always re-adjust after your meal.

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