Thursday, 18 August 2011

Gorgeous Wedding Gown and Not a Hint of Vintage in sight!

It has become a very common thing to open my e mail and find images and requests from brides-to-be, "Can you copy this?"

My answer is always the same. No, I don't copy, so when Sarah and I met last year and set up a consultation, she also came armed with images of gowns she'd tried.

The difference with this bride-to-be was that she hadn't tried on anything specific that shouted 'The One!' There were elements from one dress she liked and those she didn't.

So, we pulled together a sketch and began work.

Sarah chose a 100% silk dupion with some fabulous beaded motifs for some sparkle.

The swag front was worked directly onto the mannequin to attain the best drape.

Sarah requested some detail to the hem (shown in the first image) but later had it removed.

The back was corset closure with elastic inner supports for comfort and to reduce the strain on the lace up loops themselves. The skirt was hand bustled and had a few roses hidden beneath.

This gown pushes the sewing ability once again with the use of drapes and pleats and will remain one of my most favourite gowns to have worked on.

But, while I ADORE vintage, this gives a welcome change.

Sarah marries today at Rudding Park, Harrogate and along with her gown

we also produced seven bridesmaid gowns and ten cravats to compliment her.

Congratulations, sarah. Have the most wonderful wedding day.

Gown before hemline detail was removed.

Bodice showing drape, rose detail and bodice detail.


  1. I love hearing stories about the dress :) The dress looks lovely! And I agree with the bride re: the hem - the hem looked so lovely it took my eyes to the bottom of the dress. Fabulous design and looking forward to seeing the dress on the bride!

  2. Oh wow... Linda, you truly are a talent.

    I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon No 9 Couture to make my wedding dress. You really are a fairy godmother in a sea of horror stories, disappointing fittings, pushy sales people and the endless search for 'the one.'
    Thank you. I cant wait to get started! x

  3. I love the hem!!! I do love the more traditional dresses to vintage. Loving your latest gowns Linda. Just need to get married again...Hmm. xxx