Friday, 5 August 2011

Love My Dress Summer Soiree.

Well, how do you begin to describe such an amazing night?

An absolute pleasure to be among such wonderful people.

I think i'll just list the highlights and then the lows.


Meeting Yemi of Kosibah. An absolutely delightful man, who happend to make the wedding gown of Aleshi Dixon. Really, THE most sweetest person who I hope to meet again very soon. I got a squeeze!

Chris Hanley and his beautiful wife, Claire.

Cat Hepple and I spent a while chatting with this lovely couple (we are providing the gown for a workshop in Tuscany later this year) and I was in awe of his knowledge and advice.

Hayley of The Harrogate Wedding Lounge . We were partners in crime. While all were watching the entertainment, we were filling our goodie bags with chocolates and biscuits (for the children of course)

Jane Hardman Ferris of HF Couture. I borrowed a necklace which later Jane gifted to me. Thank you my dear friend.

Meeting Annabel (of course) and having a squeeze at breakfast.

And last but no means least, watching Ms Cat Hepple float around the room in her fabulous frock made by moi!

The Lows.

Not meeting Joanne Flemming

Not getting 2 sets of cutley at Malmaison when ordering room service!

Now for the snaps.

Trying to look remotely elegant.

I say no more than how very proud I was to watch this lady move around the room.


Yes, we are in there somewhere.

Funky moments in the photobooth!

For more catch ups.

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  1. You look gorgeous! I'd love to see a full-length version of your dress - it looks stunning! Very very sad I missed the night - hoping Annabel plans another one for Christmas ;)

  2. You look stunning Linda , I also love the dress you made for your client .She looks very elegant .

  3. Cat looked like the ultimate glamour-puss and I loved your dress, I remember seeing it a few times although I didn't know it was you and didn't get the chance to speak to you.

  4. Aw, what a nice thing to say! All I can say in response is that if that is the worst thing that happened to you then it must have been a fabulous night! It was a shame we didn't get to chat.......note to self; don't sit in one spot all night, get about a bit :) Next time! xx
    PS. That frock looks tres chic!