Thursday, 18 August 2011

A very High Society frock.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such lovely people at the moment and one of those lovely people is the gorgeous Cat Hepple.

Cat is an amazing photographer and when she asked if I would make her a special gown for a very special social event, I jumped at the chance.

Cat loved the dress Grace Kelly wore when dancing with Frank Sinatra in High Society. The floaty chiffon would suit her to a T.


We chose a old gold satin for the base and a soft pale gold for the chiffon overlay. The bronze and gold embroidered motifs running from the top of the shoulder to the hip were a perfect match and complimented the gown as if they were made for it.

Cat, just before leaving for the Love My Dress event.

The gown was the talk of the evening which makes me very proud.

I must say however, without this demure and elegant lady wearing it, it would have simply been a very pretty frock.

Thank you Cat.

last 3 images courtesy of the LMD soiree photographers Katy Lunsford and Helen Russell.


  1. Beautiful! Great interpretation of the inspiration....and suited your lovely model to a T :) x

  2. ah ha!! Was wondering where the inspiration came from. Its soo elegant and etherial - absolutley beautiful Linda well done you!!!

  3. I am so truly honoured to have been able to wear such a divine gown. Grace Kelly is my style heroine and I never for a moment imagined I'd ever wear something so inspired by her.

    I was stopped by people all night asking about this gown, and I'm not surprised... it was a true showstopper.

    Thank you Linda for creating something so spectacular for me. I intend to keep this gown to one day pass to my daughter, along with my wedding gown. I hope she will treasure it as I do.