Sunday, 4 October 2009

Choosing your veil length and style.

Client wearing a 59" veil.

It may seem obvious, but the best piece of advice is to choose your dress before your accessories.
When I worked for Pronuptia, it was the tiara and veil that transformed the beautiful bride into a stunning vision of perfection and maintaining that perfection means to have a balance where no one piece should overwhelm the other. That remains today. It was also the ability to know which one particular piece worked well with certain styles of wedding gowns.

A plain veil works perfectly with a detailed or elaborate wedding dress. Choose a short veil to end above the detail or a long one to end below, and if there is no train, try to allow your veil to end at the skirt hemline or a little beyond. And, just as a plain veil works with an ornate gown
an ornate or decorated veil such as lace or beading will add some instant glamour to the simplistic of dresses.

Many customers would avoid trying a veil, adament they didn't want one, especially if there was no intention to wear it over the face. But, the veil can act as the essential missing piece so I would encourage anyone to at least try (afterall, you only get to wear a veil once) so use it as an accessory.

Likewise, if mum really wants to see her little girl in the complete ensemble, don't feel pressured into wearing something if you really don't want to. An ornate headpiece alone can be just as stunning.

Veil lengths.

39" veil - often referred to as shoulder length
47" veil - often referred to as elbow length.
59" veil - often referred to as waist length.
72" veil - often referred to as fingertip length.

98" veil often referred to as floor length.
126" veil often referred to as chapel length
144" size veil often referred to as cathedral length.

Of course, a veil can be made to any length or style you require, so just as your wedding gown can be designed, it can be complimented with a bespoke silk or synthetic tulle veil.
Images of selected wedding lengths can be found at

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