Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Happy Birthday son.

Completely non wedding related but a celebration nevertheless. Today is my son's 20th birthday and much like all but 1 of his 20 birthdays, we have been blessed with glorious weather. Crisp, but sunny and dry.

Today, apart from having a few sewing related jobs, I am devoting my time by preparing tonight's birthday meal. An avid Levi Roots lover, Sam has requested ital carrot and sweet potato soup to start, Martinique coconut chicken curry for mains and ginger, pecan and rum chocolate brownies. Also (by request) a chocolate gateaux-style cake with green icing. I always make the childrens birthday cakes just as I did for his 18th. He requested a three-tier cheescake. Not the hard cheese type nice with crackers, but the pudding type. A challenge as each tier was stabalized by dowels to stop them from sinking. The whole thing was drizzled with chocolate and topped off with mandarin orange segments. (tinned)
So, I hope you enjoy your day son and I just wanted to take the opportunity of saying how very, very proud of you I am.
Happy Birthday. x

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  1. Hope you all have a fab celebratory time! x