Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Dresses at No. 9!

At precisely 12pm midnight tonight, it is officially our 2nd birthday.
My gorgeous husband Mr. D is my number one fan. He says he is so he must be!
It's been one heck of a year for us with two magazine features a ton of clients and making friends with some lovely people in the wedding industry.
Family has taken a little back seat so this will be something I shall address in 2011.
We've decided to make a monthly 'Bucket list' and my five-year-old has suggested our first should be a hot air balloon ride. So, that seems to be first on the agenda. We will also have a year end one too and next year, I rather fancy Lapland!
I've said hello to some wonderful new clients, and goodbye to a few to.
I've also waved off my son who joined Plymouth University this past September. It's been a bit of a wrench for all of us, but he's happy and we feel we've given him the best start we can, so I'm happy! (even though I still cry each time I see him and more so when I leave him)
We've also made a brides dream come true with our fabby competition and I cannot wait to get my teeth into 2011 and her gown among others.
I've had one week's holiday in Devon this year where no mobile phone reception was a blessing in disguise. A good opportunity to totally recharge my batteries.
We also have a further two magazine features pending and an exciting new collection to launch in the New Year.
It's going to be a busy one, with our books at full capacity at this time until September 2011, and a new booking today for 2012.
I cannot thank my clients and wedding suppliers enough for their ongoing support.
So, may I take the opportunity of thanking my past and current clients for their custom and wedding suppliers for their inspiration and on going support.
A very Happy New Year. Let's make this a great one!

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