Thursday, 2 December 2010

Princess Dresses and Getting What You Pay For.

Dear Santa. I would like a big princess dress for Christmas. (among other things)
Honestly, this is what little D has asked Santa for this year. A big dress like mummy makes for the ladies, so, how could I not?
Time being of the essence and whether I could make something in that time, took Mr D and myself to a certain store where princesses and dressing up go hand in hand.
Ok, I was a little taken aback at the cost and quality so decided I would make the time and my little girl would have bespoke.
Fabric selections were easy. Organza for some puffiness, netting to add even more and some silky satin for the bodice and underskirt. So, off to a trusted fabric supplier for the lot.
My normal choice of satin, a countess satin, in the colour I wanted was un available, but there was an option of a Stage Satin, a light to medium weight fabric recommended for all types of stage/dance productions. At £1.99 and the colour I wanted, seemed like a good buy!
Ugh! Horrible stuff to sew with, frays at every opportunity and is practically see through. Good job I was using three layers of organza, net and lining.
It will be fine for little D's dressing up and playing princess, but when shopping for your wedding gown and thinking that £89 offshore wedding gown is a bargain, remember. You may very well get what you pay for!


  1. Oh thats beutiful Linda, she will look like a disney princess! I bet she is very happy to have such a talented mother xx

  2. She won't know until Christmas day!
    To be honest, it looks fine, in the picture and in the flesh, but this is what I mean about ordering a wedding gown on line as well you know. Pictures can hide a multitude of sins and it's not until you have that item in your hand can you really examine the fabric quality.
    As with ALL my distance sales, the client will always receive a sample of the fabrics I intend to use at no extra charge.
    They may pay more than the offshore sites, but I pride myself on using quality fabrics.

  3. I know!! Even the Henry Kaye pink princess dresses that are £60 plus are a bit flimsy.

    However to make the kids dresses upin decent stuff and the time it takes means that they are too pricey for just dressing up. I have found a fab alternative i pick up second hand brideamaid dresses from oxfam etc the more 80's the better lol!! I then jazz them up with decent trim and sashes etc etc.
    My daughter wants a toy story jessie outfit and much as i baulk at £30 for it when ou consider it has the hat and belt and badge etc i could not make one for that.
    On the subject of cheap fabric versus nice fabric i have just found a fab new fur supplier. However some of the furs are £35 plus a metre still cheaper than Michaels Bridal as all theirs are £50 plus a metre and then brides wounder why a decent stole or wrap is £80-£150 when you can get one for £30 from ebay- yes you can made out of toy fake fur urghhhhh!!!

  4. Yes, you are right. I guess materials cost me around a tenner. Add to that my time would probably bump the cost up to around £80. Far too much for dressing up!