Thursday, 2 December 2010

Old Time Photography and Period Costume.

My project over the next few days is to make a Victorian costume for a clients new venture.
She is hoping to open a studio where you can dress in period costumes and along with authentic props, have your photograph taken.
Back in the days and as it was a very serious thing to do, folk were not allowed to smile. Add to the fact that a simple photo could take up to five minutes to process, the subject or subjects had to sit as still as possible.
Old time photography is a fast growing industry and I am delighted to be part of it. It'll add another string to my bow too.
We have chosen a wonderful tartan taffeta in a super bronze/brown colour. Once fully under way, I'll report back with my progress.
To enable the gown to fit a multiple of sizes and for quickness to get in and out of the dress, the back fastening will be simple tapes.
There are to be sleeves with a lovely collar for added elegance.
With all the snow we have at the moment, a Victorian costume seems decidedly apt!


  1. Sounds fab!! There are quite a few of these studios the one in Whitby has been there for donkeys years.

    Good idea to make the dress multi fit and easy fasten- if they had to wear authentic victorian dress with all the associated layers they would be there all day getting dresses lol!!

    I love the victorian period doid you see the costumes in the latest Sherlock Movie?? drool drool............

    Do you have the Janet arnold reriod costume books? They are fab

    Good luck with the venture- i am being asj=ked to do some burlesque stuff eeeekkk!!!!

  2. ps do you know where they are sourching their wigs as I am always looking for authentic period wig suppliers- not the horrible fancy dress ones???

  3. I'm not sure, but I can but ask> x

  4. My daughter and I had a similar photo taken at Alton Towers. Most of the dresses were sepearates - corsetted bodices and tie-up skirts, so they fitted lots of sizes. Remember you won't see the back.