Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Strawberry Tea 2010 Campaign.

On Monday I received a small brochure through my letterbox. The front cover caught my attention, strawberry cupcakes with sprinkles. Scrummy!
Then something else caught my eye, an emblem in the top right hand corner depicting Breast Cancer Care.
Each year 46,000 receive the devastating news that they have breast cancer. This not only affects them, but loved ones around them causing confusion and fear.
The Strawberry Tea 2010 is an event where you can invite your friends, family or colleagues for a cup of tea while enjoying some scrummy cakes or treats. In return they make a donation to this worthy cause.
It doesn't have to be a grand affair, you can simply open a packet of Rich Tea in your living room or kitchen or go large and invite a group of friends to tea at Bettys, The Ritz even.
So my little overactive brain goes into overdrive and being in the wedding industry, why not hold a grand event and put on a vintage style tea party?
So, I've roped in a few friends.
Breast Cancer has touched my life. Watch this space.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! Your vintage style tea party sounds amazing.

    If anyone else wants to hold a Strawberry Tea for Breast Cancer Care, you can find more details at