Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bespoke Dressmaker meets Wedding Photographer.

I hate having my photo taken.

My daughter laughs out loud as I seem to grow several chins while trying to attain the perfect posture to eliminte the afore mentioned chin issue!

So, when recently approached by a bridal magazine to answer a few questions along with a professional head shot, the questions were easy, the photo request not so.

A few weeks ago I received an e mail from the wonderful Rob Booker. Let's do lunch and talk shop he said. Wow, my idea of heaven, posh grub and wedding chat all in one hit. Add to that wedding talk with a fella, ladies it doesn't get much better.

However, with client commitments and a poorly daughter, Rob settled for some posh sarnies from Asda alongside some posh cakes and a cuppa at chez Davey or in other words an egg sandwich and mince pies at my house. He also suggested it was about time I had a professional head shot photo for my website and the forthcoming wedding mag feature.

Well, what can I say? What a truly fabby guy, THE nicest man that Mr. Booker is. He bought me wine, even better!

We talked shop, lots of it. I wanted to know the ins and outs of Rob Booker Photography and he even asked me about petticoats and if I had to make one style of wedding gown for the rest of my days, what would it be? I'm in wedding chat heaven!

I loved how relaxed he was (and how especially relaxed I felt with the prospect of the looming photo) and how he spoke of not wanting to be invasive when he attends a wedding. This man is not just a photographer who 'does' weddings. He lives them, is passionate about making sure the shots fit the client and has been known to spend 13 hours capturing a wedding in one hit.
He loves the rapport with many of his clients and his work reflects that.
Rob Booker is the kind of guy I'd have a bevy with, in fact, he's the kind of guy I'd like at my wedding, especially if he's taking the shots!
So, Rob thanks ever so much for the pictures it was very much appreciated, as was the wine. I was a bit apprehensive about opening the file (not the wine) but absolutely delighted with the result. (And not a paper bag or double chin in sight!)

For more information and a preview of his work please visit

His latest musings and an insight to the man http://www.robbooker.co.uk/blog/

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