Thursday, 18 November 2010

Birthday and Anniversary Rolled into One

2010 has been more of a rollercoaster ride than our first year and I cannot believe Dresses at No. 9 will be 2 years old 1st January 2011. Happy Birthday me!

Following the feature in Perfect Wedding, February this year and a further feature recently in Pure Weddings North, I feel as if I'm entering my adolescent years and catching up on all the excitement I missed back then.

I've been invited to feature as guest bloggers and a magazine is now interested in my tweeting (what's that all about). I've also been asked to comment on my thoughts on what Kate Middleton might opt for in her gown style for next year!

No, I haven't been asked if I'm available to design the Royal Wedding Gown for next year, but if I were I'd have to decline. Client commitments and all of that.

It's not surprising I feel like a champagne bubble at times. Over the years I've experienced massive lifestyle changes, am veering to fast towards 50 and those folds of excess skin are much harder to shift. (Having 3 children can do that to you!)

I've always wanted to feel a little bit important and I guess having the responsibility of designing and making a wedding gown fulfills that dream.

Doing something for me is fantastic. I've always devoted my time to being a wife and mother, 21 years in fact and although working in partnership with someone (my husband) is wonderful, to having something for me, something I can retreat to leaves me feeling at last I have the perfect balance.

Dresses at No. 9 are entering a new phase in 2011 and again, this is very exciting. I have the complete support of my husband (who is also my best friend) which he has to be. Poor man is constantly dragged to wedding fairs, fabric shops and kicked out of bed on a Saturday morning to accommodate the many clients who come for fittings.

He makes tea for my clients, picks up my telephone messages and has been known to go in search of a client who hasn't quite managed to find us and bring them safely in. He's shown an interest in fabrics so, he says, he can keep up with my witterings.

Mr D is my inner sanctum and we celebrate six years of married life on Saturday 20th November. He quietly supports my wobbles, my uncertainties, my doubts and I cannot imagine life without him.

Here's to 2011, Mr. D and the busiest year yet!

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  1. Do you know that was lovely to read. I wish we had found each other years ago! Youre an incredible woman Mrs D and I loves ya baby!