Monday, 22 November 2010

Do I like alterations? Heck no, not always!

I think if you ask any seamstress if they like this particular job, we'll all no doubt have the same answer. No, not really and today, i've been working on four bridesmaid gowns. It does give a hint of satisfaction however, knowing the gown will eventually fit like a glove, but to me, sometimes it can be so unnecessary.
For one, I don't like the charges as I'm sure the client doesn't either and two, as I keep harping on about, bespoke really can actually work out cheaper.
The said gowns cost, so I've been told, in excess of £200 each. I have four, all of which needed side seams taking in. Two needed straps shortening and moving and one required bust dart and waist adjustments in addition to the side alterations. This has added a further £100 to the total costs. We are looking at an overall cost of around £900 for four bridesmaid gowns.
The fabrics used were a good quality synthetic, light boning (one each over the bust) and shoe-string straps with a peek of coloured tulle at the hemline, but if you consider many of the bespoke bridesmaid gowns I have made recently, most have been made from silk and most have come in well under the £200 mark.
Even if your £150 bridesmaid gown seems like a deal, consider the alteration charges that can tip the budget. Make sure you've been made aware of the charges and always ask for an approximate cost of how much they will be.

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  1. I know!!! I am always telling my clients the same thing!! Plus you charge such low prices! I charge around £24 to take in and £8 to alter straps, £35 to shorten and £35-65 to make to corset back. I had a client last week come to me and her bridal shop had charged her £195 to shorten her wedding gown by 1" omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and £106 for a maggie sottero hoop that costs £20 trade- makes my blood boil!!