Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ian Stuart's Flora and a very Befitting Bride.

Some clients leave a mark when we've said our goodbye's and Rebecca is one of those ladies.

I met Becky in a wedding forum, a place I often frequent offering advice and support to brides-to-be.

She'd bought her dream wedding gown but it desperately needed to be, Becky shaped.

Ian Stuart wedding gowns are more than just that. They are a work of art, a fabric sculpture and Flora was no exception.

The internal supports had been removed by the previous seamstress which we didn't quite understand. The dress is so heavy, it needs all the internal scaffolding it can!

We added a bustle to the back, removed the delicate floral over part of the dress releasing it from the side seams where it had been sewn in. We adjusted the inner dress, adjusted the rose over part restoring it to it's former glory. We then gave Becky a bespoke full length veil to finish her look.

This bride was full of character and we shall miss her.

Becky, keep in touch. xx

Bespoke veils made to order.

Helen Al-Najjar Photography

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  1. Thank you so much Linda and Leanne for making my dress dreams come true. Thank you for reassuring me that I was doing the right thing and thank you for making the finishing touches perfect.

    I'll be in touch soon :)