Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Vision in Lace.

It's not just because of a sudden interest in lace following the Vintage revival, or the fact that Kate Middleton wore it for her wedding to Prince William (of which I have some exciting news that I've been put in contact with the lace supplier and will actually hold a sample of the stuff pretty soon!) But the fact is it's such a romantic fabric, yet needs to be used carefully.

Our lovely client Emma contacted us last year with a plight. "I've fallen in love with a gown, but simply cannot afford the price tag."

She sent us the measurments and we went from there.

A few weeks before the wedding I contacted her asking for a re measure. Emma had shed a bit so the dress was then altered to fit.

I think you'll have to agree, Emma looked amazing.

Thank you so much for your trust and for allowing us to be part of your very special day.


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  1. Aw Linda, it was all more perfect than I can ever say.

    Thank you so so so much xxxxx