Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time Challenge Part 2

So today I worked around a child home from school (Casulty visit last night, 3 butterfly stitches, long story) and a fitting appointment.

I really wanted to do the challenge in one hit as I'd done the previous one, but preperations for weekend clients and the afore mentioned meant it was more stop than start and finished around 6pm.

The petticoat is pre purchased. The detail in the thing means the time it would take me to make it, against what it can be bought for is a no brainer really.

So, lace over 100% pure silk, fully lined with button back detail and feature bow.

Ok, small admission time. Haven't added the buttons. Tired me, attention needing child and husband due home from work shortly means tea must now be prepared.

The below is an adaptation of Esther, a gown from our current collection.

I've shortened it a tad due to the petticoat, but actually feel that it's a tad more sassy.

Could actually see this in black spot tulle!


  1. WOW! Cant wait for my appointment :) xx

  2. Beautiful dress Linda. Congratulations !!

    Clare Perkins
    FaceBook page: Silk Rose Couture

  3. Mr D has graciously pointed out, should I actually be sharing how long something takes me to do?
    What needs to be considered here is, this is about my time and would I be able to accomodate a last minute wedding for a stressed bride-to-be? Answer,current work permitting, yes.
    Also, cost of materials, time ordering fabrics, time spent with clients, consultation and fittings. This all has to be considered when costing. This is a pure silk gown complete with petticoat and in theory has a lead of 1 day fabrics permitting.