Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An Olidie But Ooooo What a Goodie.

I love catching up with old clients and was thrilled when a few photos came winging their way (ok I asked) and arrived in my inbox this morning.
Allison was one of my much earlier clients and it was wonderful to see something I'd worked on so long ago.
I remember accompanying Allison and her Mum when they first went dress shopping for ideas and afterwards, how we sat in a little cafe in Clifton, Bristol busy sketching sleeves and bodices of gowns Allison had fallen in love with and of course, what had suited her.
I have to say, while looking at these pictures (and a very massive thank you for this Allison) how timeless she looks. The theatrical style gown still looks fabulous with it's gold embroidered lace and cream 2-ply Thai silk.
I'd also forgotton the tiny detail which Allison had asked me to embroider onto the back shoulder.
Allison said. "Hi Linda
Attached are the best photos of the dress. I don’t actually have any close up ones of the bumble bee that you embroidered onto the back. Would you like me to put it back on and have Mike take some shots? Go on, say yes!!!"
Heck, yes!!!!! Get that frock back on. I hope it brings back great memories as these photos have done for me this morning.
Allison, thanks a million. xxxx

False covered buttons finish the detail to the front of the gown.

A radient smile.

Gold lacing to the back of the gown ties in with the gold embroidery in the lace.

The full length view.

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