Monday, 20 September 2010

Buying your dress online.

Following on from my recent blog UK Dressmakers. We're really quite good and a recent feature by Vivianne of Holloway on Rock 'n' Roll bride, How to buy your wedding gown online there were a few little things I thought it well to mention.

I have talked about this very topic, Vanity measuring,

Many ladies are opting to have their wedding or bridesmaids gowns custom made offshore.There are a few important things to remember when filling out your measurement forms.

1. NEVER vanity measure. This means, don't be tempted to nip in that tape measure by even a centimeter. That seeemingly minute adjustment could mean the difference between zipping up or not! You may know your true measurement, but the dressmaker doesn't.

2. When dealing with a company with a language barrier, make sure your measurments are concurrent. Don't switch from centimeters to inches! Check and re check to make sure everything is written in what the company asks for. If they ask for inches, give them inches and take extra care in the placement of decimal points. Compaines such as the offshore custom made folk don't have time to double check measurements. (something I would immediately query) If you've written on your form your bust is 28cm and your waist is 30 inches, you're going to get a rather oddly shaped gown!!

3. If you are going to wear a corset, measure in a corset. This applies to a new bra. Boobs will have a different shape in a spanking new bra than the grey old faithful.

4. Height. Always important and sensible to measure in your 4" heels. Don't measure flat footed and then expect to wear the heels.

I have a few 'distance' clients I am currently working for and one thing I can guarantee.

As my good friend Jane recently and so eloquently put it.

"The pure unmitigated joy that what you pour your love and soul into actually is liked and wanted by other people and by your peers who are in the same industry. That and you know it's not mass produced it's made with love and imagination for people you actually care about."

Yes, Jane. I actually care about each and every one of my clients. Which is why I check and double check, something the offshore companies simply do not have time to do!


  1. I know you care as I do and a few people we know in the business do too but there are some very unscrupulous companies out there after the quick buck..... sadly there are a fair few flogging cheap as chips gowns on the internet and they tend to be Chinese businesses - please be careful if you do go down this route remember you dont get owt for nowt and having seen 1st hand some of these products I personally wouldnt touch them with the proverbial bargepole - shop around, keep your options open - find a dressmaker Vogue do some fab patterns and there are loads of fabric companies out there, or find someone as talented as Linda who can design - your very own, unique gown that no-one else has and its not mass produced....

  2. As you know I have made garments via this method. Becky's dress was one as was the gown with the feather train on my website.
    I think you hit the nail on the head, Jane. Some people are driven by money/profit alone and have no conscience. I would be devistated if a client was unhappy with something I have made especially for them. Yes I run a business, but I never leave my scruples at the door!

    *scruple – a doubt or hesitation that troubles the conscience or that comes from the difficulty of determining whether something is right

  3. ditto Linda - scruples - the very thing my parents brought me up with - if it aint good enough for me then it aint good enough for anyone!