Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Mix of Tradition.

In the age of quickie marriages which can lead onto just as quick divorces, it makes good sense to Handfast. Handfasting is as forever as you want it to be, a binding commitment between two people yet needing no licence to begin with and no laws to undo.
Handfasting is seperated into two ceremonies. The first signifys the betrothal for a year and a day. If the couple are still in love after that time the second handfast binds the young lovers
forever, heart, mind, body and spirit for as long as love remains. The only thing that can undo the betrothal is the lack of love. How utterly romantic
(and of course, far less stressful without the need for solicitors!)
Jodie's wedding was full of colour and although originally a Celtic tradition, she mixed the modern and vintage theme perfectly into her day by way of floral china and cupcakes to her top hat fascinator!
I was commisioned to make her gown, something she had fallen in love with but was not readily available to buy.
So, without further ado, I am proud to introduce Jodie and her wonderful wedding day.

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